What makes P2A different from other workforce-development programs is that we help people get, and remain in, actual union apprenticeships

We were gratified to learn that the community organization, Community Voices Heard, will be honoring us with its Lights of

Pathways 2 Apprenticeship


  •  P2A assists people from low-income communities to access union construction apprenticeships, which are pathways to safe, secure, middle class careers. By low-income communities, we mean people who live in public housing or receive public assistance, the under-employed, youth just released from the foster care system, people with criminal records and others, most of whom are African-American, Hispanic, and of other minority cultures.


  •  P2A serves as a link between community organizations that assist these communities and the building trades industry.


  •  P2A seeks to help the building trade unions become richer, more diverse institutions by ensuring that career opportunities are available to people from low-income communities. P2A not only assists candidates to access these career opportunities, but also to develop their voices and leadership potential so that they can become peer mentors and leaders in the building trades and in their communities.

What We Do

P2A provides information to community organizations throughout New York City about union construction industry opportunities and, with its community partners, recruits...

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Our History

P2A was started 3 years ago by representatives of construction-industry labor unions and community organizations in New York City to...

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Our Team

Staff   Dominique Bravo Executive  Director (917) 887-0744 Duane Townes  Lead Instructor (347) 235-2880 Shi Green Peer Mentor (732) 768-3906...

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Frequently Asked Questions: 1.Can you help me find a job? P2A helps people get into union apprenticeship programs (not jobs)...

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NYC Safety Training Bill Before City Council

P2A is grateful for, and commends, the leadership of City Council Members Jumaane Williams, Carlos Menchaca, and Melissa Mark-Viverito, for leading the sponsorship of the Construction Safety - Training bill, Introduction #1447.
This bill specifies “certain training and qualification requirements” for all construction workers engaged in the construction and demolition of buildings over 4 stories tall.
The construction industry is booming in NYC right now, with developer revenues at a record high.  This success does not require the deaths and serious injuries on the part of the workers who make it happen.  Indeed, those booming revenues can support the cost of the training that all construction workers need and deserve training to do this work safely.
We call on all New Yorkers to demand passage of this necessary and long overdue legislation.
Click Here For NYC Saftey Training Bill Before City Council