Safety on the Job Warnings


Safety Warnings


Construction can be dangerous work. Whether you are working on a union or non-union work site, you need to keep yourself safe. You should be properly trained for all the work you do and there are safety protocols that contractors are required to have in place. These are just a few of the rules, but always remember and do the following:


  • Just wearing a harness is NEVER enough, you must always tie off


  •   Never mount a lean-to ladder if it does not extend 3 feet or more beyond the ledge you are climbing on to


  • Never mount a scaffold that does not have an inspection tag


  • Never enter a confined space (a space with a single egress) without supervision


  • Always wear safety glasses when operating power tools

If you see anything on your work site that you have a question about, contact us and/or file an OSHA complaint on-line at

You can always call or text us at 917-887-0744.